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3 Reasons Why Solar Installation Is More Affordable Than Ever!

Do you use coupons?  Do you get upset when a really good coupon expires and you can no longer use it?  Same thing with Solar right now! Here are three reasons why residential solar power is more affordable than ever for everyone, especially those living in Minneapolis and Minnesota!

[rps-include-content blog=”1″ post=”844″]sunshine1 – The Sun.  The funny thing is the sun has no inflation.  The sun is projected to shine for millions of years into the future, and it don’t cost a dime!  And because of that it makes buying your future electricity in advance a huge benefit.  If you could store 10,000 gallons of gas in your backyard at $2/gallon would you consider it (I hope not because that stuff  is dirty).  Solar power is the same way, people are installing solar and buying the next 25 years of electricity cheaper than the going rate today.  If prices go up, you win even more.  In addition its clean energy and a bill (or lack there of) you can be proud of.  The sun is free, lets get something started to harness it!

2 – Tax Credits.  The Federal IRS is offering something called a Renewable Energy Tax Credit worth 30% of the installed price.  The credit is good through the end or 2016 and can be used over multiple years.  There are many ways to maximize this benefit given your personal tax situation so we strongly advise you to talk with your accountant to figure out a strategy.  But one way or another that 30% of the installed cost makes it back in your pocket.

3 – Utility Incentives.  Material prices may come down 3-5% but that doesn’t make up for the turbulent utility incentives that often make up 30-60% of the installed cost.  Xcel energy is already talking about lowering the incentive amount should another program come along for 2013.  For a typical $25,000 installation you can get $10,000 in rebates!  Much more that incentive can be assigned to the solar panel installer to lower the upfront cost of the installation in certain circumstances.

utility incentiveFor the first time in a LONG time, all of the ingredients have come together in the last several months to make solar a wise financial decision.  As utility incentives control 40-60% of installation costs, it won’t last long.  As anyone who has installed solar will tell you, it is a priceless thought as you gaze proudly at your array feeling good about your move to clean energy.  Let’s make a difference.

All of these factors working together make buying a renewable solar energy system for your home or business more valuable than ever! Don’t delay and let this opportunity pass you by, click here to contact us to find out more about how we can help you save on your energy bill today!

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