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Solar System Service

Owning a solar system is a significant investment that offers numerous benefits, from reducing energy bills to supporting sustainable energy. However, regular maintenance and servicing are crucial to ensure it operates at peak efficiency. In Minnesota, where weather conditions can be extreme, maintaining your solar system is even more critical. Here’s why servicing your solar system is essential and why TruNorth Solar is your best choice for all your solar service needs.

Importance of Servicing Your Solar System

Maximize Energy Production

Regular servicing ensures your solar panels are clean and free of debris that can obstruct sunlight. Minnesota’s changing seasons can lead to accumulation of snow, leaves, and dirt, which can reduce the efficiency of your system. Professional cleaning and maintenance help maximize energy production and ensure you get the most out of your investment.

Prolong System Lifespan

Routine maintenance can identify and address minor issues before they become significant problems. Components like inverters, wiring, and mounting systems need to be checked regularly to ensure they are functioning correctly. This proactive approach can extend the lifespan of your solar system and save you money on costly repairs or replacements.

Ensure Safety

Solar systems involve high-voltage electricity, and any malfunction can pose safety risks. Regular inspections can detect potential hazards such as loose wiring, corrosion, or electrical faults. Ensuring your system is in top condition helps protect your home and family from potential safety issues.

Optimize Performance During Extreme Weather

Minnesota experiences a wide range of weather conditions, from heavy snowfall in winter to thunderstorms in summer. These conditions can impact the performance and integrity of your solar system. Regular servicing ensures your system is well-prepared to handle extreme weather, minimizing downtime and maximizing efficiency.

Maintain Warranty Compliance

Many solar system warranties require regular maintenance and servicing to remain valid. Neglecting routine checks can void your warranty, leaving you unprotected in case of major failures. Professional servicing helps ensure compliance with warranty conditions, protecting your investment.

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Why Choose TruNorth Solar for Your Solar Service Needs?

Expertise and Experience

TruNorth Solar has years of experience in the solar industry, specifically in Minnesota. Our team of certified professionals understands the unique challenges posed by Minnesota’s climate and is equipped to provide comprehensive servicing tailored to your system’s needs.

Comprehensive Services

We offer a full range of services, including routine maintenance, system inspections, cleaning, and repairs. Whether you need a one-time check-up or a long-term maintenance plan, TruNorth Solar has you covered.

Customer-Centric Approach

At TruNorth Solar, we prioritize our customers’ satisfaction. We provide personalized service, ensuring that your specific needs are met with the highest standards of quality. Our transparent communication and responsive support mean you can trust us to be there whenever you need assistance.

Local Knowledge

Being based in Minnesota, TruNorth Solar understands the local climate, regulations, and energy landscape. This local knowledge enables us to offer solutions that are specifically designed for Minnesota’s conditions, ensuring optimal performance year-round.

Quality Assurance

We use only high-quality products and adhere to best practices in all our services. Our commitment to excellence ensures that your solar system operates efficiently and reliably, providing you with peace of mind.

Trusted by the Community

TruNorth Solar is a trusted name in the Minnesota solar community. Our reputation for reliability, quality, and exceptional customer service makes us the preferred choice for solar system servicing. 

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Types of Service

TruNorth services systems we’ve installed and other systems.  Types of service include: 


Re-roofing when installing residential solar panels means replacing or upgrading the existing roof before or during the installation of the solar panels. This is often done to ensure that the roof is in good condition and can support the solar panels for their expected lifespan, which is typically 25-30 years.   This is how the process works: 

  1. Roof Inspection
  2. Roof Replacement
  3. Upgrading Roof Materials
  4. Structural Reinforcement
  5. Alignment with Solar Panel Installation

Re-roofing is an important consideration because installing solar panels on a roof that may need repairs or replacement soon can lead to additional costs and complications down the line. It ensures that the roof is in optimal condition to support the solar panel system for many years.

System Maintenance

System maintenance for residential solar involves regular upkeep and monitoring to ensure that the solar power system operates efficiently and reliably over its lifespan. Key components of system maintenance include:

  1. Visual Inspections
  2. Performance Monitoring
  3. Inverter Maintenance
  4. Electrical Component Checks
  5. Roof Integrity
  6. Battery Maintenance
  7. System Upgrades


Regular maintenance helps ensure your solar system operates at peak efficiency, extends the lifespan of the components, and maximizes the return on investment.


Troubleshooting a residential solar system means identifying and resolving issues that affect performance. Here’s a step-by-step process for troubleshooting common problems:

  1. Monitor System Performance:
    – Check Monitoring System
    – Compare Historical Data
  1. Visual Inspection:
    – Inspect Solar Panels:
    – Check Wiring and Connections
  1. Inverter Check:
    – Status Indicators
    – Reset Inverter
    – Inspect for Damage
  1. Check Electrical Components
    –  Fuse and Breaker Inspection
    –  Grounding 
  1. Battery System
    –  Battery Status
    –  Inspect Connections
    –  Temperature Control 

  1. Software and Firmware Updates 

By systematically checking each component and consulting the system’s documentation, most issues with residential solar systems can be identified and resolved efficiently. Regular maintenance and monitoring can also help prevent many common problems.

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