Minnesota Solar Energy Incentives

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To offset the cost of installing a solar energy system on your property, TruNorth Solar can make it simple. A simple complimentary evaluation and consultation. A simple report of your property’s expected solar output. Matched to the solar energy incentives available to you in your area. Minnesota solar energy incentives can offset a large portion […]

Minnesota Solar Tax Exemptions

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In addition to the current Solar Investment Tax Credit (ITC) that gives you 30% off the cost of your solar system, there are several other solar tax exemptions that the state of Minnesota has in place. Act now to use the Solar Investment Tax Credit! Call us at 612-888-9599, or contact us on the website to get […]

Extend the Solar Investment Tax Credit (ITC)

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Update!!! The Tax Credit has been extended.  Read:  https://trunorthsolar.com/5-year-solar-investment-tax-credit-extension/   We at TruNorth Solar fully support the Solar Energy Industry Association (SEIA) in working to extend the Solar ITC past December of 2016, to help people  continue to afford clean power from the sun!

How Does Solar*Rewards Work?

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Xcel Energy’s Solar*Rewards incentive pays annually at 8 cents per kWh produced by your solar photovoltaic system for 10 years. In addition to the annual incentive payments, you lower your electricity bill as your array produces power. If you produce more than you consume in any given month, excess kilo-watt hours are credited on your bill. […]