Commercial Solar Power Systems In Minnesota

As a business owner, it can be difficult to find ways in today’s economy to save money. You take risks every day with the hope of growing your business tomorrow. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a way to make an investment now to guarantee a positive cash flow for the next 25 years? With a commercial solar energy system from TruNorth Solar, this dream can be a reality.

A commercial solar power system is a premier investment opportunity for small and large businesses. Commercial solar panel installations offer several types of financial benefits, including federal tax incentives, equipment depreciation, bonus depreciation, and savings on electrical bills through net metering.

Financial Benefits Of Commercial Solar Power Systems

In addition, as a commercial business owner you can take advantage of bonus depreciation, which allows you to deduct 50% of the cost of the solar energy system in year one. Depending on your utility, there are potential savings through net metering of the electricity generated by the solar power system.

The federal tax incentive currently offers 30% of the solar power installation project cost as a straight deduction to any federal taxes owed. There are also benefits from MACRS equipment depreciation, which depreciates the solar panel system within 5 years.

All of these combine together to make installing commercial solar panels a tremendous investment.

Commercial Solar Panels Generate Other Benefits

Solar power systems can also be part of your marketing materials, pointing out your efforts to help the community’s environment. They can add to well-being of the business by creating a sense of positive community in the workplace, which is a direct benefit for employee productivity.

Other benefits of going solar include a positive contribution to public relations that show your customers and the community your business is contributing to the move toward renewable energy sources.

Generating your own electricity using solar energy also provides a hedge against future electric rate hikes, providing some stability to your cash flow.

TruNorth Has Resources, Experience In Solar Power

Luckily, TruNorth Solar works with local financing groups and investors who are willing and waiting to fund solar projects, creating a zero upfront cost to the business. That means you can stay cash-flow positive from day ONE!

As a business owner, you have an amazing opportunity to invest in solar power systems. Prices for solar panels have decreased significantly in the past few years, making it a more accessible and attractive investment than ever.

Even with all the incentives and savings, some businesses are in need of ways to finance projects if they do not have the cash up front.

Paired with the tax incentives and depreciation benefits, TruNorth Solar can help your business achieve energy independence while maximizing your return on your investment.

Wondering if a solar power energy system could benefit your company? Contact TruNorth Solar with any questions call us at 612-888-9599 or E-Mail Us. You can also follow us on Facebook or Twitter @TruNorthSolar.

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