Cooking with solar ovens in Haiti

How can you make a delectable dish of simmered chicken, seasoned goat, and rice and vegetables using only the sun? On his recent mission trip to Haiti, TruNorth Solar’s very own Mike Kampmeyer did just that. The tropical world’s equivalent of a crock pot, or slow cooker, the Solavore Sport solar oven uses the power of the sun to create healthy, robust meals using 100% solar energy–no charcoal, no wood, no fumes, no pollution.  “You have tender meat in just 3-4 hours,” explains Mike.

Partnering with World Wide Village, a St. Paul, MN based non-profit building a well, school, medical clinic and housing in Williamson, a town outside of Port-au-Prince, Mike was thrilled to share his love of cooking with the residents of Williamson.  Making his living from the sun, he wanted to share the power of solar with our Haitian neighbors. TruNorth Solar, a company specializing in solar PV installations in the Midwest, donated two Solavore Sport solar ovens to support this mission. Solavore Sport ovens are made locally in St. Paul.

Join the TruNorth Solar team on Saturday, May 14th for a 5k Fundraising Run to support World Wide Village projects in Haiti. Register for the 5k!












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