Why You Don’t Already Have Solar on Your Farm – Giving You Free Electricity

Last Saturday, I was sitting in the kitchen of a cattle rancher in southern Minnesota.

We were talking about his life, his business and the challenges of farming.

The thought of solar had been one he had entertained for a long time.

He had seen neighbors put solar pv panels on their farms. And he had read how farmers all over the U.S. are installing solar and getting spectacular paybacks.

It all sounds great when you think about it, we both agreed.

But the question came to my mind, “If farmers right now can take advantage of a huge federal tax credit, accelerated depreciation, grants and in some cases – additional utility incentives, why isn’t every single farmer wanting to get in on this free electricity boom by getting solar pv for their farm?”

After solar power incentives, there are some cases where an $80,0000 solar pv system for a person’s farm can have a net cost after all incentives and tax advantages of only $1,600!

Absolutely incredible, I thought to myself.

After incentives, his family is going to have a surplus of free, clean energy from the sun for decades to come – for a little over $1,500! On top of the energy generating benefits, the system is basically maintenance free and guaranteed for 25 years. The guarantee and the near maintenance free operation speaks to the chief complaints most farmers tell me they have with wind energy.

So again, why wouldn’t people be lining up to get solar pv installed on their farm?

Well, I have a theory. If more people knew about the solution of free, clean energy that solar pv can give their farm, I think they would be demanding solar panels for their farm.

But there is something even more fundamental going on here.

If a guy breaks an axle on his tractor and can’t get a replacement, and work needs to get done, then he is going to “figure out how to fix his problem.”

If a person is hungry and has no money for food … the light bulb of ingenuity is going to go on and they are going to “find a way to get fed” because their life depends on it.

But paying your electric company doesn’t really seem like a problem to you.

Yes, it is annoying. And if a person were to really think about where that $200 or $500 dollars per month could be better spent, they could find it.

We simply don’t question that there is an option to paying your electric bill.

You don’t question that the sun is going to come up tomorrow.

You don’t question that the government is going to want their share of what you make by charging you taxes.

And your electric bill, up to now, has simply not been an option to pay.

Yet, in-the-know farmers have found a way to avoid giving their electric company more money. Right now, there are numerous incentives that can give Minnesota Farmers a little known way of keeping more money in their own pocket.

As electric rates continue to increase over the months and years to come, these are the farmers that will have their electric plan in place, paid for, and will be watching the money they would have given to the electric utility stay on their family’s farm.

Solar Pv is a way to generate your own clean, renewable energy and at this point in time, it is more affordable, with more incentives than ever for Minnesota farmers.

If you would like to learn how much of the incentive and tax credit pool of opportunity can be yours, feel free to call or write us. We can help you see if Solar pv could be a good fit for your farm.

Call TruNorth Solar today at 612-888-9599 to learn more about how to install solar panels on your farm.

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