Minnesota Power Solar Energy Rebate Program

The Details
Base Incentive: $0.27 / kWH. First Come, First Serve
System Size Maximum: 40kW – AC

The Minnesota Power SolarSense Solar Rebate Program provides a pool of incentives for Minnesota Power customers installing residential solar panels or small commercial solar installations.

The SolarSense Solar Rebate Program incentive is designed to spur more Minnesota Power customers to install solar panel arrays on their homes.

It is independent of ‘net metering,’ in which excess electricity generated by a home’s solar panel array is fed back into the grid and is purchased by Minnesota Power.

The solar power incentive is linked to the expected first-year production, which your solar consultant will determine throughout this process. This is considered an ‘upfront Incentive’, not a ‘production incentive.’ To learn more about the difference between different types of incentive payments click here.

The base incentive is First Come, First Served.

The maximum system size is 40 kW AC, but you cannot size your system based on your actual usage. Your actual usage is based on your previous 12 months of energy usage. The maximum payout is $5,000 or 60% of your total cost, whichever is less.

This Solar Incentive plays ‘hard to get’. Most years, the application portal opens and closes in the same day and many projects are left without receiving the Minnesota Power SolarSense Rebate. TruNorth Solar does everything in their power to help avoid this, but we also set honest expectations. Discuss this with one of our expert solar consultants here.

This incentive would be in addition to the Federal Investment Tax Credit, which is 30% of the final cost of a system, if eligible.

To learn more about the SolarSense Solar Rebate Program call TruNorth Solar at 612-888-9599 or e-mail your questions.

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