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Installing Solar in the Age of COVID-19

[metaslider id=”3027″]TruNorth Solar has always been known for its incredible commitment to safety. From our VERY regular ‘Tool Box Talks’ about safety, our strict adherence to OSHA standards in fall-protection, or to our commitment to NOT install 72 cell panels on residential roof tops; our customers appreciate working with the ‘safest’ solar installer in the Twin Cities. However, “safety” has made a complete paradigm shift in Minnesota since the onset of the Coronavirus pandemic. Its no longer just about staying safe and preventing injury on the job-site, but rather, safety also means doing all that we can to keep our staff and customers healthy by doing our part to help halt the spread of COVID-19.

As we celebrate 600 days without a recordable injury last week, here are some of the steps that TruNorth Solar has taken since early March to do our part in keeping each-other safe from the spread of Coronavirus.


Enhanced PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) – While most of our work is outside in nature, staff will be utilizing enhanced PPE whenever conducting installation work at your home or business (most typically in your utility room or attic).

Social Distancing – TruNorth has already implemented a significant “Social Distancing” plan including remote work plans and staggered crew starts.

Staggered Start Times – Most of our installation workforce will meet onsite in an open-air environment, while only a small team (one person per vehicle) will load trucks each morning staggering in/out times to reduce warehouse interaction.

Virtual Meetings – Nearly all client and potential client meetings will be held remotely for the time being (but believe us, we’d much rather meet in person – that’s just how we do things around here).

Office Use Eliminated – Only essential staff members are utilizing our office location on a “as-needed” basis.

Each project is unique in nature and in several instances we have been able to eliminate work that would otherwise be performed inside (such as an attic), we have adjusted accordingly with collaboration between the customer and site foreman. Running external conduits vs interior is one great example of this.


With all this being said and the incredible UNCERTAINTY in these times, especially economically we are absolutely ENCOURAGED that people remain committed to going SOLAR. In fact several customers have reached out to us to move forward with new projects as well as new requests for a proposal for this very reason… “In times of uncertainty, look to what is certain”. The electricity bill is nearly as certain as the old adage ‘Death and Taxes’. One thing remains true regardless of a pandemic, the SUN WILL CONTINUE TO SHINE and Solar is for many the most economically efficient way to pay an electrical bill.

If you would like to learn more about Residential Solar Power Systems in Minnesota, contact one of our solar consultation specialists to see if PV Solar is right for you. Contact us today!


RE: Shelter In Place Order – Although Electrical Contractor work is deemed ‘essential’ per the Governor of Minnesota’s guidelines during the Shelter In Place order, we have decided that for the specified time period we have a moral obligation to the health of the greater Twin Cities community, that our employees remain physically idle for its duration.

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