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January 2018 Xcel Solar*Rewards Application Begins

January 2018 Xcel Solar*Rewards Application Begins!

TruNorth Energy Consultants are now creating applications for new solar customers for the $15,000,000 available through the 2018 Xcel Solar*Rewards Program.  Those who apply early for the Xcel Solar*Rewards Program will receive a performance based incentive (PBI) of $0.08/kWh produced by the PV system over 10 years!  The incentive is paid annually, with payment being made by check each February.  

The Xcel Solar*Rewards Program applies to systems that are 20 kw-DC or less and the system may not produce more than 120% of your previous 12-months consumption.  In addition to the annual incentive payments, you will be lowering your electricity bill as your array produces power.  If you produce more than you consume in any given month, excess kWh will show up as a credit on your bill.  

Once a project is contracted, TruNorth Solar’s Design, Interconnection, Permitting and Procurement Team (DIPP Team)will usher your project through the appropriate approvals and inspections.  The TruNorth Solar Installation Team takes over to construct your project with quality materials, professional workmanship and constant communication.  Our team is the toughest, nicest and safest solar team around and they take great pride in what they do.  Finally, the DIPP team orders your Solar*Rewards Program meter from Xcel and the switch is flipped and  you have your own clean energy power production facility on your property!!

The Xcel Solar*Rewards Program is awarded on a first come first served basis, so contact us today through or give us a call at 612.888.9599 to begin your application and get more affordable electricity with Xcel Solar*Rewards!

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