Net Metering – Where Money Flows Into Your Pocket

Net metering is a program offered by many utility companies. This program allows homeowners to feed excess power their solar energy systems generate back into the electricity grid. When you aren’t using the solar power your system has generated, you will actually see your electricity meter spin backward! That makes a welcome change to constant rising electricity bills.

Net metering works by exporting the excess solar power your solar energy system produces during the day into the electricity grid. Don’t worry; your excess solar power is not lost forever. Your electricity meter will record every unit of solar power that your system exports as a credit for you to use at a later time. As a result, when your solar energy system is not generating enough power to cover your needs, those credits are waiting for you to use. The excess solar power that your system generates will sit as a credit on your account and will be available for you to draw back whenever you need electricity from the grid. This means you can now receive the full benefits from your solar energy system all year round.

With the net metering program, you will only ever pay for the electricity you draw from the grid, above and beyond the solar power your system has exported. With a correctly sized solar energy system, it is possible for homeowners to cover their entire annual household electricity bills using the benefits of net metering. The concept works by managing your solar energy system’s output, ensuring that you are exporting a larger portion of your solar power during the summer and building up sufficient electricity credits to cover your electricity usage over the winter.

By utilizing the net metering program and feeding your excess solar power into the grid, it is possible to cover your entire annual electricity needs. Speak to our experienced solar experts at TruNorthSolar and ask us how you can cover your electricity needs with solar power and net metering.

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