Residential Solar St. Paul, MN

System Info

Size of System: 13.86kW
Number of Panels: 42
Type of Panels: Panasonic Group VBHN330SA
Inverter Brand and Model: SolarEdge SE11.4 kUS
solar panels on a roof

Solar panels are now a feature of urban elegance as showcased by this lovely TruNorth Solar project in St. Paul, Minnesota!  This 13.86kW photovoltaic energy production system will produce 17,874 kWh its first year producing almost 100% of the property owner’s home electricity use!!  The forty-two (42) 300 watt solar panel cells are a fixed  mount system upon a varying angle rooftop, utilizing Panasonic Modules and SolarEdge DC Optimizers.

As this St. Paul neighborhood is located within the Xcel Energy Utility area, the property owner enjoys cost savings provided by the Xcel Energy Solar Rewards Incentive.  Receiving in total over $28,500. in lifetime solar incentives when including their Federal Solar Tax Incentive.

This gorgeous residential solar project is also providing significant benefits to the environment. The PV array will produce enough clean energy kW’s to offset the greenhouse gas emissions from the following: Burning 13,245 coal lbs. per year, sequestering 10.10 forested acres per year, or driving 29,349 vehicle miles per year!   An interesting fact, the energy provided by this system in the first 0.5-1.5 years will fully offset the energy used to produce and install the system, not to mention the increase in property value!

Hats off to our forward thinking homeowner and thank you for working with us at TruNorth Solar to help change the world’s energy recipe!

When it comes to Residential Solar Power Systems in Minnesota, TruNorth Solar is one of the leading companies in the industry.

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