NE Minneapolis Residential Solar

System Info

Size of System: 4.575kW
Number of Panels:
Type of Panels:
Inverter Brand and Model:
a group of men on a roof with solar panels

Near NE Fulton Brewery this lovely family home was fitted with a beautiful solar PV array that on average throughout the year will produce 100% of the family’s electrical needs. With a large South facing roof and low shade, the property was a perfect canvas for solar energy.

TruNorth Solar designed a 4.575 kW system for the roof using 14 Hanwha modules and SolarEdge Inverters laying out the solar panels in a portrait configuration with a Winter installation.

When TruNorth Solar initially analyzed the solar production potential of this home, the Energy Consultant created an energy production chart for the homeowner illustrating how the larger amount of solar energy that would be produced by the system in the Summer would offset the lower production of the shorter Winter days. With Net Metering the utility will purchase the excess Summer solar energy produced, and then credit this back in the Winter.

And, as this NE Minneapolis neighborhood is located within the Xcel Energy Utility area, the family applied for and were able to participate in the Xcel Energy Solar Rewards Incentive. Additionally the 30% Federal Solar Tax Incentive is available to help lower the overall cost of the system significantly.

This residential solar project provides excellent benefits to the environment. The PV array will produce enough clean energy kW’s to offset the greenhouse gas emissions from the following: Burning 3,390 coal lbs. per year, sequestering 2.58 forested acres per year, or driving 7,512 vehicle miles per year. This is real impact!

Trendy NE Minneapolis is helping design a clean energy future, one solar powered home at a time!!

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