Apple Valley, MN Residential Solar Electric System

System Info

Size of System: 9.92kW
Number of Panels: 31
Type of Panels: Q-Cells PEAK DUO-G5 P320
Inverter Brand and Model: SolarEdge SE7600H-US000NNU2
a house with solar panels on the roof

Watch TruNorth Solar build this 9.92kW residential solar electric system for this  lovely Apple Valley, Minnesota family on their  two story home.

Their solar system design features 31 Hanwha Q-Cell solar panels and 31 SolarEdge optimizers which have an estimated system output of 12,150 kW of electricity its first year.  This solar system can offset at least 102% of the families’ electrical needs, including lighting, appliances, computers, supplemental heating and air conditioning, and is designed to eliminate an annual utility bill of approximately $1704.

The solar energy that is produced can be viewed in real time on the accompanying SolarEdge Monitor.  The SolarEdge Monitor shows each individual solar panel and its current output.  The family can watch actual energy being produced during peak times or even at night from the sunlight reflected from the moon which then shines down to the solar panels thus producing electricity!

The cost of this particular solar array will have an approximate 10 year payback, with a significant portion of the cost of the system being offset by utility incentives and the Federal Solar Tax Credit.  As this home is in the Dakota Electric Utility Territory there was a $4000. Dakota Electric Solar Incentive applied to the overall cost, which is a rebate of $0.50 per watt of installed solar, and is a monthly payment based on kilowatt-hour (kWh) production.

To analyze the full cost of installing a solar system TruNorth Solar provides each customer with a free report during the initial property analysis showing energy cost savings and solar incentives and how this reduces the overall investment of going solar.  This report will illustrate the numbers from when the new solar system is commissioned (turned on) and then the amount of money saved at 10, 15, 20 and 25 years!

It is also pretty impressive that the energy produced by this system in the first .5-1.5 years will fully offset the energy used to produce and install the solar system. Added to this, the solar array will offset greenhouse gas emissions equal to burning 9,003 coal lbs. per year, or offset as much carbon as sequestered by 6.86 forested acres of forests in a year or offset the carbon produced by 19,950 annual vehicle miles!  It is a true success story from beginning to end and TruNorth Solar is proud to help facilitate changing the world’s energy mix while saving our customers money!

This is another great example of why TruNorth Solar is one of the most trusted installers for Residential Solar Power Systems in Minnesota!