A Real Solar Community! – Golden Valley, MN

System Info

Size of System: 452kW
Number of Panels: 1076
Type of Panels: Q-Cells PEAK DUO-G5 P300 and Q-Cells Q.PRIME L-G5 335
Inverter Brand and Model: Various 240v and 208v SolarEdge Inverters
an aerial view of a building with parking lot and parking lot

A Paradigm Shift: Solar Integrated New Construction
The Liberty in Golden Valley, MN shows us how it’s done with 1,448 Solar Panels/452.93 kW proudly designed and installed by TruNorth Solar.

Sustainability is at the heart of The Liberty in Golden Valley, MN. From initial sketches to final CAD designs, the entire property consisting of 55 Townhomes, 200 apartment units, Community Club house and pool, is fully integrated with photovoltaic solar arrays which will generate clean energy for decades to come.

Residents will reap the rewards of less expensive electricity, net metering and contribution to a cleaner energy society. Developers received tax incentives, lowered CAM operating expenses, and the ability to lease and sell to conscientious residents wishing to lower their carbon footprint.

The Liberty was developed as a sustainable solar community. The project is comprised of a 136kw PV System for the Apartment Building, a 20kw PV System for the Community Clubhouse to run the pool pumps, as well as 55 individual PV systems to power each Townhome unit.

These systems will remarkably lower the total electrical bills for the entire property while making a meaningful difference in our future energy recipe. Renters will have a $0/month electric bill. Further, installing the PV systems as part of a sustainable project portfolio at inception, the installation and labor costs are greatly reduced, in contrast to retroactively adapting the electric system to clean energy years later.

Making solar energy an integral part of community development in the Twin Cities Metro Area is leading-edge and not commonly available to rental apartment living. This advanced design will feature 57 independent Solar PV systems interconnected to the local community electrical grid. Residents of Liberty Crossing will be consuming clean energy from day one offsetting 5,518 metric tons of greenhouse gas emissions over 25 years.

A key component of the Liberty Solar Project is awareness, to showcase what actually can be done to make solar a more integrated part of our living. All Liberty Residents will be able to track the amount of electricity being generated, online or with a smartphone app.

The solar arrays have been designed and constructed by TruNorth Solar and consists of over 1,448 PV panels and 452,934 watts of energy interconnected to the local Xcel Energy distribution system. Learn more at http://www.TruNorthSolar.com or visit with one of TruNorth Solar’s Energy Consultants at 612.888.9599.