Marine on St. Croix Residential Solar Project

System Info

Size of System: 11.1kW
Number of Panels:
Type of Panels:
Inverter Brand and Model:

In beautiful Marine on St. Croix, Minnesota, TruNorth Solar recently installed thirty-seven (37) – 300 watt solar panels atop a home’s pole barn, creating a 11.1 kW system capable of producing 13,696 kW in its first year. The Pole Barn was a perfect structure for solar panels, a sturdy long structure with no tree cover and has a fabulous South facing roof.

The PV array was nicely accommodated with underground lines to bring the power produced from the pole barn to the main house electrical service.

The clients mentioned that they had long wanted to go solar and believe strongly in renewable energy. With so many sunny days along the St. Croix River they just had to install solar panels on their Marin on St. Croix home. They also noted that many of their friends and neighbors are supportive of solar. Some are even integrating residential solar panels into their new construction design.

The clients noted that their Marine on St. Croix neighbors love their PV system and that their installation was organized and followed the step-by-step plan, with Mark Brinkman of TruNorth Solar as their Energy Consultant and James Drummond as their Project Manager.

As part of their installation, the clients use the Solar Edge app to view on their smartphone the amount of electricity the solar panels on their home are generating. The app also notes how many lightbulbs and appliances they are powering with their solar, and can view the actual output of each individual solar panel. This Solar Edge system and app is provided by TruNorth Solar with the solar installation so that property owners can directly experience their solar energy production in real time (good geeky fun, right?!?!).

This Marine on St. Croix Property is providing significant benefits to the environment. The PV array will produce enough clean energy Kw’s to offset the greenhouse gas emissions from the following:
-Burning 10,149 coal lbs. per year, or
-Sequestering 7.74 forested acres per year, or
-Driving 22,489 vehicles per year!

This environmental benefit analysis is provided by TruNorth Solar within every initial project design and gives a very strong statement as to the meaningful difference solar energy can make.

The clients said that the solar incentives she received from the Xcel Energy Solar Rewards Program helped her and her husband achieve a faster payback, which helped them make this investment. The benefits matched all of the financial incentives and options available at the start of the solar process as they were outlined by Brinkman.

One of the most fun parts of going solar was the first time she opened her electricity bill since her solar installation and to see her electricity bill at only $30, the client told Brinkman. (That’s a $170. Savings in the first month!!!! )