Minnetonka Residential New Construction

System Info

Size of System: 18.6kW
Number of Panels: 62
Type of Panels:
Inverter Brand and Model:
a house with solar panels on the roof

A stylish solar install on this lovely Minnetonka newly constructed home features an integrated 18.6 kW Solar PV System with sixty-two (62) 300 watt solar panel cells with grid tied solar, the mounted Solar Edge panels utilize Solar Edge 240v inverters and will produce 24,180 kilowatt hours it’s first year.  Our featured Minnetonka home is located within the Xcel Energy Territory, which allows for energy credits for the electricity produces for the first 10 years.

This Minnetonka property is providing clean energy that has a highly positive impact on the environment, as well as takes advantage of the increasingly lowered cost of installing home solar.  The home was designed from the very beginning with solar as part of the energy plan, with roof pitch, direction, and EV capability in mind.

This particular home solar system will eliminate as much greenhouse gas emissions as not driving 38,674 vehicle miles per year.   It will eliminate as much atmospheric carbon as is sequestered by 13.31 forested acres per year.  And offset 17,453 coal pounds per year!

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