S. Minneapolis Solar Garage

System Info

Size of System: 3.66kW
Number of Panels:
Type of Panels:
Inverter Brand and Model:
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Nifty South Minneapolis Solar Garage! Vroom!
Our South Minneapolis Homeowner’s garage always took care of the family cars, now their garage is taking care of 90% of the families electricity bill in year one!

And with solar incentives, our Homeowners are receiving approximately $5000.00 in Federal Solar Investment Tax Credits and will earn about $3,853. in Xcel Solar Rewards. This covers in the range of one third or a bit higher of the total cost to purchase and install the entire PV system. Not to mention making a solar home improvement which is nontaxable.

The 3.66 kW garage mounted system is estimated to produce 4,680 kWh of electricity it’s first year which will be generated by (12) 300 watt PV modules. A Solar Edge Monitoring system was included with the solar installation so our South Minneapolis Homeowners can monitor their solar system’s daily production in real time.

To learn more about how Residential Solar Power Systems in Minneapolis give us a call at your convenience. We would love the opportunity to see if Solar is right for you, Contact Us