Stacy, MN Orange Rose Stables Pole Barn 15.5 kW System

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This Winter our warming sun began producing electricity for Orange Rose Stables in Stacy, Minnesota. Orange Rose Stables are owned and operated by the Welschen family who offer dressage and hunter/jumping lessons for all ages and levels of experience. Their new solar PV system will warm the Orange Rose Stables seven riding horses as well as light their year-round indoor riding stadium and pole barn. Orange Rose Stables has always experienced a higher than average electricity requirement in order to heat their utility room and automatic horse waterers as well as light their very large barns and riding areas, in addition to the Welschen family’s home.

In Germany, where Sven Welschen and his wife Nina were born, most of their extended family has a solar power system on their rooftop to generate their own electricity. From parents to aunts & uncles and in-laws! Solar PV systems in Germany have been considered a normal part of property construction and operating equipment for most businesses and residences for many years.

TruNorth Solar installed 51 Solar World 300 kW solar panels with SolarEdge optimizers atop the large pole barn and equestrian arena of Orange Rose Stables. This 15.5 DC kW system will create about 20,018 kW hours it’s first year. Meaning their solar system will produce all of the electricity needed by the Welschens plus more, and the extra electricity will be purchased from the Welschens by Xcel Energy.

From the moment Orange Rose Stable’s solar “ON” switch was flipped, they did begin to save money. This was important as the Welschen’s first priority in installing a solar system on their rooftop was to save dollars on their electricity bill. TruNorth Solar calculated for them their approximate 6 year payback schedule based on their number of solar panels, electricity use, and South facing rooftop. TruNorth Solar also assisted the Welschen’s to realize their lifetime solar project incentives including their Federal Solar Investment Tax Credit of 30% and Xcel Solar Rewards of 8 cents per kWh.

It was also important to the Welschens that the solar array installation did not create any problems for their pole barn and equestrian arena roof. TruNorth Solar discussed the type of installation design they would provide which included protective self-sealing bolts.
During TruNorth Solar’s installation at Orange Rose Stables several neighbors came by to visit and ask about the work. To run the conduit for the electrical lines from the pole barn to the main house a trench had to be dug. The Welschens were glad to explain the process and educate their neighbors to the benefits of solar! They noted that a lot of people seemed unsure about the investment into solar and did not understand they will typically make their money back in 6-8 years these days. They were happy to help change this misconception.
Orange Rose Stables also employs strict pasture management as they rotate their horses on the grassy areas which protects the environment, has less run off and creates healthier pastures. They also compost their horse manure for friends and neighboring farmers as fertilizer.

The Welschens are glad to be a part of the TruNorth Solar family, and of the growing number of rural and residential properties that have switched to renewable energy. Their appreciation of nature, desire to protect the environment and great love of animals lifestyle is enhanced by their decision to switch their energy source to the sun!
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