Red Wing Home Solar

System Info

Size of System: 13.2kW
Number of Panels: 44
Type of Panels: Q-Cells - 300wDC
Inverter Brand and Model: SolarEdge Technologies SE11400A-US (240V)

This beautiful Ridgeview Drive, Red Wing property recently had installed a 13.2kW photovoltaic energy production system on their garage that will produce 15,165 kW per year for their home electricity use.  The forty-four (44) 300 watt solar panel cells are a fixed roof mount.  Also, this Red Wing neighborhood is located within the Xcel Energy Utility area, which offers the cost saving Xcel Energy Solar Rewards Incentive.  This Red Wing Residential solar project is providing significant benefits to the environment. The PV array will produce enough clean energy kW’s to offset the greenhouse gas emissions from the following: Burning 15,484 coal lbs. per year, or sequestering 11.81 forested acres per year, or driving 34,311 vehicle miles per year!  

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