Residential Solar Power Systems In Inver Grove Heights

Using a solar power system to generate electricity for your Inver Grove Heights home may, at first glance, seem impractical given our long winters and northern latitude. However, Inver Grove Heights homes can have excellent solar exposure, making installing solar panels to generate electricity for residential use an excellent option to be evaluated.

Utilities continue investing in solar power and wouldn’t continue if it wasn’t a cost-effective way to generate electricity, and that same effectiveness can work for Inver Grove Heights homes.

How Residential Solar Systems Generate Electricity

Typical residential solar power systems involve installing solar panels on the roof of a home. The panels convert sunlight into DC power, which is channeled into an inverter in the home which converts the DC power into AC current, which is used by appliances, lights, and anything plugged into an outlet.

Residential solar panel arrays generate electricity whenever sunlight is present, regardless of whether it is used at the time. The sunnier the sky, the more power is generated.

Unused electricity generated by a home’s solar power system doesn’t go to waste. Each system includes a bi-directional meter that tracks the electricity the home generates, the power used in the home, and the amount of electricity that is pushed back out onto the power grid. Electricity sent out onto the grid may be credited back to the homeowner’s bill.

How Big Are Inver Grove Heights Residential Solar Systems?

The size of a residential solar power system in Inver Grove Heights typically depends on the amount of direct sunlight a panel is exposed to with shade and indirect angles reducing effectiveness.

This means the layout of a home’s roof, the size and location of obstructions to direct sunlight, such as nearby trees and other buildings, all play a factor in how much power a single property can generate.

Does Residential Solar Array Investment Make Sense?

Using modern online tools based on satellite images allows a solar estimator to help a homeowner understand their property’s ability to generate power based on observed sunlight patterns.

This allows an experienced, proven local residential solar power company such as TruNorth Solar to quickly inform a prospective client about how much power their property can be expected to produce and if an investment into a solar array makes financial sense.

Finding An Experienced, Trusted Solar Partner?

The final step is finding a partner you can trust to identify the solar array that makes sense for your property, responsibly construct the array and then remain local and available for service or future improvements.

If you live in the Twin Cities or Greater Minnesota your experienced, trusted local partner is TruNorth Solar, an independently owned Minnesota company installing residential and commercial solar arrays since 2009.

Get started by providing us information we use to reach out to you with a clear understanding of the solar power potential of your property before learning about your goals.

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