Donna Pickard

Permissions Manager

After raising three children and working 15 years with the Minnetonka School District, Donna was ready for a change. Charlie (her husband) had founded Aladdin Solar in 2008, so Donna joined him in 2010 and helped him to successfully run Aladdin Solar for the next 4 years. As her experience and talent grew, Donna desired to serve the larger Solar Community. In 2014, Donna created Genie Solar Support Services and began subcontracting project management, Interconnection and permitting services to solar companies in Minnesota, including TruNorth Solar. The valuable service she provides to TruNorth allows Marty to exhibit his leadership skills in growing TruNorth and expanding Solar Opportunities for all of Minnesota. Since 2013, Donna has serve as Secretary on the Board of Directors of the local solar trade organization, MnSEIA.   Before becoming a Solar Sister, Donna volunteered with the Girl Scouts of America for 15 years. She loves being outdoors, hanging out with friends and family, and reading.

Why did you get into the solar industry?

My husband, Charlie, and I started a small solar installation business in 2008. We had always been interested in renewable, clean energy and the timing (other than the Market crash of 2008) was right to get into the this young industry. We successfully ran Aladdin Solar for a few years until Marty invited us to be a part of TruNorth Solar. We happily accepted!

A fun fact about myself.

I was the baby at the end of the movie 'That Touch of Mink' in 1962 starring Cary Grant and Doris Day.

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