Jason Kaasovic

Energy Consultant

Stewardship is a core value for Jason. With TruNorth, Jason advances his commitment to a sustainable future while also delivering on his values. His background is in Peace Studies through St. John’s University and is currently pursuing a Master’s of Arts in Leadership at Augsburg. Jason identifies with the team’s passion to cultivate renewable energy in Minnesota and is proud of the company’s commitment to integrity.

Jason’s past work spans many industries. Most recently that work involved a health care research project focused on supporting individuals and families in the last 6mo – 2 years of life. Other work experience includes for profit, not for profit, higher education, and more.

Besides work, Jason loves to spend time with his son, continue his training in traditional Karate, and get outside whenever possible.

Why did you get into the solar industry?

I wanted to do work I could be proud to share with my son.

A fun fact about myself.

I like talking about great hotdish recipes and other local greats!

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