Jeff Williams

Energy Consultant

Jeff Williams loves working in solar and is passionate about putting solar on rooftops. Jeff has earned the nickname “The Professor” because he loves to share his solar knowledge. Jeff says he is happiest in his work showing his Client the solar potential of their roof or property. He loves the kitchen table meeting where he can explain how the proposed solar energy system will produce the desired amount of electricity.

Jeff moved into the solar industry from a background of 32 years with IBM. At IBM he enjoyed his time working in Mechanical Engineering, IT, computer sales and consulting services. 10 of these years at IBM Jeff worked as an Account Executive caring for Clients.

Over the years Jeff has followed with interest the renewable energy industry, its advances and progress. He feels strongly that clean renewable energy is an important direction for the world’s energy recipe. Working in solar allows Jeff to be a part of something he feels passionately about, and it combines his love of both tech and the great outdoors. Jeff is very knowledgeable about solar pricing, tax benefits, utility incentives, and especially likes talking about the Xcel Energy Incentive which is one of the best in the U.S.

Why did you get into the solar industry?

I had always been intrigued by renewable energy so after a long career in the information technology sector I decided that I would pursue a job in the solar industry. My pursuit included taking solar classes, networking with those in the renewable energy sector, and volunteering for the MN solar energy society before ultimately landing a job selling solar systems to home and building owners.

A fun fact about myself.

I love the outdoors and often you will find me hiking, camping, biking, and canoeing in my spare time.

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