Nick Byram

Master Electrician/Construction Superintendent

Construction Superintendent and man of many talents. The TruNorth Solar team was very fortunate to pick up this free agent in June of 2018. His impact was immediate as Nick now is the manager of all crews. Safety is a MAJOR focus for Nick. Not only at the weekly construction meetings or the quarterly and annual company-wide meetings. Rather, Nick sees safety as a ritual, day in and day out in everything he does, leads and manages.

The reason is simple, all gains in productivity are worth nothing without a safe and healthy team. Nick values practicing continuous improvement within himself and assists with those he manages. He is a leader by example when it some to hard work and disciplined approach.

His background ranges from entrepreneurial endeavours in the building trades to executing the full design, development and operation of a 4000sq ft, state of the art, year round greenhouse and maple syrup refinery…in frozen Minnesota no less!!!

Nick is a proud husband and father of two beautiful and talented young kiddos. A connoisseur of rare whiskeys is one of many unique hobbies. Essentially, Nick a ‘renaissance man’ if will. However, Nick’s true passion lies on the slopes. He is an extraordinary lifelong downhill skier, as was on display during the TruNorth Solar company ski trip!

Why did you get into the solar industry?

I wanted my work to improve the world for future generations.

A fun fact about myself.

I love enjoying all of the seasons of Minnesota outdoors with my wife and kids.

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