The Big Picture: TruNorth Solar

Solar PV Install Day 7 012

In order to kick off our summer installations, we thought it would be a good idea to reiterate who we are and what we stand for at TruNorth. 

Who are we?

            We are a Mission driven construction company with 15 employees committed to making a meaningful difference in our future energy recipe through solar installation.

What do we do?

We install residential, commercial and utility scale solar arrays. Our customers include homeowners, business owners, local utility companies and communities. We install systems on shingled and metal roof surfaces, flat roof commercial buildings and ground-mounted arrays using our in-house post driver. We work with our customers in site design, engineering, financial decision-making, construction of the array, and performance monitoring once it is completed. We believe in extensive cooperation and communication with our customers to meet all of their solar needs.

How do we do it?

Through relentless execution and personable customer service we make protecting our environment for future generations affordable, impactful, and fun. At TruNorth, we are dedicated to installing the best solar arrays possible that fit your budget. We are determined to provide the best service we can to our customers, and to never save for tomorrow what we could do today. Our reputation is a result of our actions and willingness to have honest open dialogue with all parties involved in our installations. This includes utilities, permitting authorities, and state departments like the Department of Labor and Industry and the Deptartment of Commerce.

Why do we do it?

            We install solar because we want to make a meaningful difference in our future energy recipe. Every TruNorth employee has a deep drive to create a more sustainable energy future for Minnesota, and for our world. We want to help create a world with less greenhouse gas emissions, reduced and mitigated climate change, and a world in which people can be personally connected to their energy production. We want to help Minnesota become a state that is powered more by renewable energy.

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