What is a TruNorth Solar Site Assessment?

The best way to learn if renewable energy is right for your home or business and how much you can save or earn from a renewable solution is to take our free site assessment. TruNorth Solar will take a deep dive into your home, electrical use and goals to show you the tangible gain that renewable energy can provide. Below are some common questions we get about our site assessments that will give you more information.

[rps-include-content blog=”1″ post=”844″]What is a site assessment? A site assessment looks at the structure of your house or building to confirm that it will be able to handle the additional load of a renewable energy installation. Along with a structural check, we also assess the solar availability using a Solar Pathfinder. The Solar Pathfinder will give us an accurate reading of how much power you can expect to gain from placing panels on your roof. Finally the size and solar availability will determine exactly home many panels we can safely fit at you location. We also offer assessments to determine if a ground mounted solution is best.

Why would I get a site assessment? Many customers that we perform site assessments for have done some research about a renewable energy solution for their home. Customers are interested in making a positive impact on the future of our environment and are looking to save a few dollars on future utility bills as well. Our financial calculations confirm a specific Return On Investment (ROI) that a renewable energy solution will bring to your home.

How long does a site assessment take? Typically our site assessment will take around two hours. We also take time to ensure there are no notable deficiencies in your current electrical consumption or load and make recommendations for saving energy.

What do I need for a site assessment? Interested clients should be aware of their roof direction and make sure that there is some relatively un-shaded area facing south. Then the only thing we need is access to your attic space and the last 12 months of utility bills.

How do I sign up? Click here or give us a call at 651-587-6341 to sign up for your free site assessment. It’s a great way to prepare your house for the future way of living as well as build an environmentally friendly Return on Investment (ROI).

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