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More Money and More Contribution – With Solar Power

Last Saturday I was drinking coffee and browsing through a local bookstore.

My eye caught a book written about saving money by conserving gasoline.  Reaching to grab it… I sighed… hearing myself say:

“People want more than this today… just saving money on gas is not enough”

The author of the book, a PhD, promised savings and avoided costs at the gas pump.

I kinda figured what I would find revealed in the book. Hoping to be wrong, I put my coffee down and began flipping through pages.

The author provided hundreds of small ways to save money on gasoline.  The promise was less money out of pocket while creating environmental benefits as well.  This was the author’s promise for people who followed his suggestions and ways of driving.

This is where I almost lost hope.

At least half the suggestions all boiled down to “Look ahead… raise your foot off the accelerator… slow down early.”

Good advice, for sure.

I remember the same advice coming from old films I had to suffer through in drivers ed class when I was 15.  “As you apporach the off-ramp, lift your foot off the accelerator and glide up to the stop or light.”

Look, this is 2014.

Is planning ahead and driving like my grandfather is the best advice a Phd can offer from a book? Is that the only way to save money on gasoline?

Depressing… huh?

There was also advice about having an automatic garage door opener so you can save a weeeeeee bit more fuel as you slowly glide into your garage.

I’m not kidding.

The reason I’m telliing you about this book… and bless the author’s heart because I’m sure he meant well, is that people who are looking at getting solar WANT MORE.

People nowadays want bigger, better, faster answers to life’s problems.

Getting solar power is no exception.

This reminds me of the energy conservation advice I have heard over and over.  Basically, all the recommendations about how to save money on electricity boil down to – “turn off the lights when you leave the room… run your air conditioning less… and get energy conserving lights and appliances.

Just like driving in a conservative way, these energy saving measures are good – BUT, they are NOT enough.

I don’t know about you, but saving 5 dollars a month on my electric bill because I turn off lights is nice.

Having a big fat credit on my bill, actually getting money back from the utility because I have solar, is WAY better.

Solar Game Changer
Solar Game Changer

As you and thousands of people from Minnesota are getting solar power for your homes and businesses, you feel powerful.  You realize having solar is keeping the air cleaner and may just avoid building a new coal plant down the road.

Solar is the new game changer.  

You know deep down – you are making a difference.

Solar gives you the power to live and play by new rules.  The rate at which you save money and make the environment clean for our kids and grandkids – accelerates with solar.

As I put the book back and moved on, I did feel grateful for authors writing books like that.  Those types of books helped us see the need for new thoughts and habits.  Those types of books paved the way for the mass adoption of solar beginning to happen.

Now, I look ahead with greater hope than ever that there are solutions for our energy needs.

With solar, people are finding that not only can they run energy without guilt in their houses, they are seeing that their solar and money will be working for them – for decades to come.

If you want to see what kind of a difference solar can make for you or your business – contact us here.

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