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Do You Have the Courage to Live What You Do?

How many times have you seen someone stand for something – but not actually live it? 

Today I got an article about Jon Middendorf who works with us here at TruNorth Solar – who is LIVING what he does with us.  Last year Jon installed solar on his own roof in St. Cloud, taking advantage of the Made in Minnesota incentive program.

Now, he leads installation projects for clients who are getting solar across Minnesota, including those using the Made in Minnesota incentives.  Jon embodies the leadership, by example in our culture.  We help our clients because we, in a way, our – our clients.  We love what we do.

As a business owner, I am humbled to have people like Jon on the team, because Jon is actually living, what he does day in and out here at TruNorth Solar.

Jon Middendorf has solar on his home and is top installer in Minnesota at TruNorth Solar
Jon Middendorf has solar on his home and is a top installer in Minnesota at TruNorth Solar

It is easy to talk about building the economy of Minnesota or growing jobs and renewable energy.  This is what Jon has actually done for his family and is carried over to the work he does at TruNorth Solar.

Check out this important article about Made in Minnesota Incentive and see how Jon is contributing.

Find out the new Made in Minnesota Incentives.  Deadline is end of February.

This article is a great resource for you… Click here 

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