Saving Money as a Small Business Owner With Solar

Solar Panels

Written by Cody Luebeck, TruNorth Solar’s Solar Ambassador

One of the hardest things to do in today’s economy as a small business owner is finding ways to save money.  As an owner, you take risks everyday with the hope of growing your business tomorrow.  Wouldn’t it be nice to have a way to invest a little money now to guaranty a positive cash flow for the next 25 years?  With a solar electric system from TruNorth Solar, this dream could be a reality. 

Photovoltaic solar, or solar panels that produce electricity, are one of the premier investments for small and commercial businesses.  Currently, small businesses are enjoying two types of financial advantages for solar installations: tax incentives and equipment depreciation.  The current tax incentive is set at 30%, meaning 30% of the solar system cost is rewarded back to the business owner at the end of the year.  It’s like a gift card for your taxes!  The second advantage for small businesses is equipment depreciation.  When working with professional accountants, TruNorth Solar found that the depreciation value creates an ADDITIONAL 27% tax benefit for small businesses.  In total, when you work with TruNorth Solar to install a solar photovoltaic system, you could be saving 57% of the entire system cost!

Even with all the savings available, it is sometimes hard for small businesses to find ways to front the money for the system ahead of time.  THAT’S OK!!  TruNorth Solar works with local financing groups and investors who are willing and waiting to fund solar projects, creating a zero upfront cost to the business.  That means you can stay cash-flow positive from day ONE! 

As a small business owner, you have an amazing opportunity to invest in solar.  Prices are at an all-time low, giving you the maximum buying power.  Paired with the tax incentives and depreciation benefits, TruNorth Solar can help you achieve energy independence while maximizing your return on your investment. 

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