Top 5 Reasons Solar Works in Minnesota


Written by Cody Luebeck  TruNorth Solar’s Solar Ambassador

One of the common misunderstandings about solar is that it doesn’t work well in Minnesota.  Here are the top 5 reasons solar works in Minnesota.

Myth #1:  Minnesota weather is too cloudy for solar.  Although it may seem we have a lot of clouds in Minnesota, we in fact have about 4.5 hours of sun every day on average throughout the year.  In comparison, Florida enjoys 5 hours of sun on average per day.  This means a 16 panel solar system in Minnesota has the potential to offset 70-100% of a family’s electric bill.

Myth #2:  Minnesota winters cause solar electric panels to not produce.  While it is true solar panels can’t produce when there is no sunlight, Minnesota winters actually cause highly efficient energy production.  As panels get hot, thermal resistance increases, which in turn decreases the panels ability to produce electricity efficiently.  As the panels get colder, such as in our winters, the panels produce more efficiently, creating a higher production when the sun is up.  Finally an advantage to our cold winters!

Myth #3:  Minnesota storms will destroy my panels, and they aren’t safe on the roof.  Solar panels are made with high strength tempered glass.  This means that the residential solar panels installed on the roof are stronger than a car’s windshield.  The panels are also manufactured with a 25 year warranty, so you can rest easy knowing that Mother Nature will be hard pressed to crack into your system.

Myth #4:  Solar in Minnesota is too expensive.  With the recent Clean Energy and Jobs Bill that passed in May, Minnesota now has almost $20 MILLION in residential solar power incentive programs that you may be eligible to use. Couple that with the federal tax credit of 30%, and your system could cost next to nothing.

Myth #5:  My system won’t produce enough to be worth it.  Every system TruNorth Solar has installed has produced more electricity than projected, and each system has proven to have a positive cash flow.  Some of our systems are even enjoying a 10 year return on their investment!

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