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Top 7 Reasons to Install Ground Mounted Solar PV

Solar is growing quickly across Minnesota.

As more people from rural areas, farmers and businesses get solar, the question of what is the most cost effective and best value for their home, business or farm is what people want to know.

So here is a list of 7 reasons why a ground mounted solar array may make more sense for your solar project.

1.  Low Installation Cost

Typically, a ground mounted installation will cost less to install than roof mounted solar.

Our roof top guys are the best in Minnesota, but the fact of the matter is a roof top installation can take 2-3 times longer than a ground mounted solar installation.

2.  Rugged Construction

We use hot dipped steel I-beams, stainless steel fasteners and pull test each ground mounted solar array for 1200 lbs.  What that means is your array will handle about anything mother nature can throw down.

Your components are top-shelf, will not rust and will stand up to decades of harsh Minnesota weather.

3.  Special Equipment Used for Installation

What is special about your ground mounted solar array begins with how we install.

We use a vibrational post driver called a Doyle.  up to only a few months ago, there were only 7 of them in the entire U.S.  This piece of equipment has allowed TruNorth Solar to serve more people, in a nimble and cost effective way.

The Doyle inserts your I-beams to a precise depths.  Because of this equipment, we are able to install 25% more solar per day than the national average, with a higher caliber of install than ever before.

4.  Easy Maintenace 

We hope you will never need any maintenance on your solar array.  if you should ever need to do any trouble shooting, working on a ground mount is easier than falling off a log backwards.  There is no need to climb a roof.

5.  No Concrete Slab Mounting

We do NOT install our ground mounted arrays on concrete slabs.

Due to wind deflection in high winds a solar array mounted on a concrete slab may simply fold over – snapping like a twig.  With the post driven I-beams we use, there is “flex” and give.  This means in high winds, your array will flex and will last far beyond what other arrays would be able to withstand.

6.  Better Production

Because most ground mounted solar systems are located in wide-open spaces, they naturally enjoy a higher level of production.  With no shading, your ground mounted solar array will enjoy getting a serious sunburn daily.  This will mean you are maximizing every moment of solar production you can.  This is a prime wallet fattening strategy for maximum production over the years.

7.  Utility Construction Experience

Most of our ground mounted systems have been constructed for use by utilities around the state of Minnesota.

We also do larger commercial and residential systems.  The recent addition of over 200 KW of solar at St. John’s College was installed by us.

What this experience translates to is extensive field testing of best practices.  Our equipment has to be industrial grade and pass rigorus standards.  Because it is built better, it lasts longer – which saves you money.

The utilities demand this level quality and workmanship in their installations, so should you.

At TruNorth Solar, by installing more ground mounted solar systems, we are making a bigger difference and altering the future energy receipe of Minnesota.  We can deliver more bang for the buck, more safely and deliver it to you quicker with ground mounted solar.

If you live on a farm or have the room, a ground mounted solar installation could be the ideal solution for your solar project.

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