PV Solar Installation…made safe

a man on a scaffolding next to a house

[metaslider id=”2896″]   As the winter is in full swing, solar installations must go on!!! Its important to recognize safety, more now so than ever. Fingers are cold, black ice exists and lets face it…who doesn’t want to jump from a roof into a snow drift… Ok Ok Ok…ha ha ha, not so much. Take […]

A Brief Introduction to Micro-Inverters, String Inverters, and Optimizers

a solar panels on a field

Like any electrical system, a solar array needs a way to manage the flow of electrical energy. In order to avoid damaging your household electronics, the electrical grid, and your solar panels themselves, a system of electrical inverters and optimizers need to be in place. Inverters change the DC current produced in solar panels to […]

How Do I Pay For Solar?

a house with solar panels on the roof

Solar gives you energy independence, greatly reduces your carbon footprint, and saves you money over the long term. Even though the cost of solar power has come down a lot in the last few years, it is a significant upfront investment. Luckily, in Minnesota there are several incentives in place to reduce this cost. The […]

Independence, Stewardship, and Solar

a man and woman standing in front of solar panels

[metaslider id=1410] As we drove up to the Johnson farm near Hinckley, we were greeted by several large, exotic-looking speckled birds that glared at us reproachfully, and proceeded to trot away, shrieking loudly. Guinea fowl, who are native to Africa as we were told by Kathy Johnson, eat ticks. They’re helpful additions to the 192-acre […]

More Money and More Contribution – With Solar Power

solar panels on a roof

Last Saturday I was drinking coffee and browsing through a local bookstore. My eye caught a book written about saving money by conserving gasoline.  Reaching to grab it… I sighed… hearing myself say: “People want more than this today… just saving money on gas is not enough” The author of the book, a PhD, promised […]

Drone Captures TruNorth Solar Install

a group of men installing solar panels on a roof

Birds Eye View of Solar PV Install Captured by Drone If you want to see what solar would look like being installed on your house, check out this new video. Several months ago, a drone captured the install of a 9.84 KW solar pv we did in Minnesota. Check out this short, 4 min video […]

Top 5 Reasons Solar Works in Minnesota

Solar panels installed on the dark roof of a home with snow in winter

Written by Cody Luebeck  TruNorth Solar’s Solar Ambassador One of the common misunderstandings about solar is that it doesn’t work well in Minnesota.  Here are the top 5 reasons solar works in Minnesota. Myth #1:  Minnesota weather is too cloudy for solar.  Although it may seem we have a lot of clouds in Minnesota, we […]